How many states hold primary elections?

Answer Every four years, states hold primary elections and caucuses to choose presidential candidates for the democratic and republican parties. In 2008, 37 states held presidential primaries, 17 states h... Read More »

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How many presidential elections has the United States held?

As of 2010, 56 presidential elections have taken place in U.S. history. Since George Washington won the first election in 1789, the United States has had 44 presidents, including Barack Obama, who ... Read More »

Why are primary elections important?

In the U.S. political system, primaries are elections run by the states allowing parties to choose their nominees for various elective offices. This is important because these nominees then represe... Read More »

Who pays for primary elections?

Who actually pays varies slightly by jurisdiction, but in general, the voters in a jurisdiction pays for primaries. This is done through an election budget provided for by the law-making body (such... Read More »

Open Vs. Closed Primary Elections?

A primary is an election in which political parties' nominees for office are decided. In the United States, primary voters will either inhabit a state that has an open primary system or a closed pr... Read More »