How many states hold primary elections?

Answer Every four years, states hold primary elections and caucuses to choose presidential candidates for the democratic and republican parties. In 2008, 37 states held presidential primaries, 17 states h... Read More »

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Does indiana have primary elections?

Primary elections for both state representatives and presidents are held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of May. For state primaries, it is held in even-numbered years; for the presiden... Read More »

How well do primary elections work?

On One Hand: Primaries enhance democracy.Primary elections jump-start the democratic process and allow a member who excites a large portion of the voters to rise to the top, according to the Electo... Read More »

Who pays for primary elections?

Who actually pays varies slightly by jurisdiction, but in general, the voters in a jurisdiction pays for primaries. This is done through an election budget provided for by the law-making body (such... Read More »

How often are primary elections held?

Primaries are held every two years for U.S. House offices, once every six years for Senate offices and once every four years for the presidential election. They also can be held for mayoral, gubern... Read More »