How many states have the lemon law?

Answer There is a federal lemon law that covers consumers in all 50 states; however, the statutes differ depending on the state that you live in. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats and many other consu... Read More »

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How many states have a caucus?

A total of 18 states had Democratic and/or Republican caucuses during the 2008 Presidential Election. Those states were Iowa, Wyoming, Nevada, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, N... Read More »

Is the lemon law for the whole United States?

Lemon laws are in place in all 50 states, assuring fair warranty resolutions on vehicles with defects significantly affecting their use, safety or value. The federal version of the lemon law is th... Read More »

How many states still have drive in theaters?

How many states have opted out of Medicare Part B?

As the health care reform debate became more heated in the latter part of 2009, a few middle-of-the road Democrats proposed that states be given the right to opt out of any national government insu... Read More »