How many states have mandatory organ donation?

Answer As of April 2010, there are no states in America that require mandatory organ donation. However, in July 2008, New Jersey was the first state to require those seeking driver's licenses beginning in... Read More »

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Organ Donation?

LOVE your question! YES I am an organ donor and I have made sure that my family knows my wishes. I have a girlfriend who's father had a liver transplant and is doing well. Giving life to another... Read More »

Should we opt into or out of organ donation?

On One Hand: Moral Reasons.If you are part of a religion that opposes organ donation then you should consider opting out (though you may not necessarily have to). While most belief systems support ... Read More »

What Is an Opt Out System of Organ Donation?

The shortage of organs for transplants, not only in the United States but around the world, has created debate on whether the system of having to "opt in" is enlisting enough support from potential... Read More »

When can organ donation take place?

On One Hand: Certain Requirements Must Be MetFor living persons, organ donation can only occur with consent and when the organ is not vital to the donor's health. For example, a healthy person may ... Read More »