How many Canadian provinces and territories border the United States?

Answer Eight Canadian provinces and territories border the United States. From east to west, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia border the northern United... Read More »

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Is Florida Bay in the Gulf of Mexico?

By location, the Florida Bay is in the Gulf of Mexico. Technically speaking, however, the Florida Keys are in the Straits of Florida, which connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. The so... Read More »

Florida Resorts on the Gulf of Mexico?

The Gulf of Mexico is a major body of water and is approximately 615,000 square miles. The coastal state of Florida is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and offers visitors a wide variety of attractio... Read More »

Are there alligators in the florida keys coast of the gulf of mexico?

There are plenty of alligators all over the Florida Keys. There are more alligator sightings in the winter because the water levels are lower. During in the rainy season they will usually stay in t... Read More »

Does the Yucatan Peninsula protect the Gulf of Mexico from hurricanes?

Hurricanes weaken when they pass over land. So if a hurricane passes over the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, the rest of Mexico would most likely receive a less strong storm. Sometimes, these storms pa... Read More »