How many states allow gays to adopt children?

Answer all of them, i guess.

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Should gays and singles be able to adopt?

Well, it is a matter of opinion. I personally think singles should be able to adopt. Taking into consideration that there are plenty of children out there who deserve a happy life, i can garantee ... Read More »

Can a usa citizen adopt a children that is illegally in usa but the children enter with a tourism B visa?

Can two separate families adopt children from a mother who can no longer support her children and wants to relinquish her rights?

ADOPTION THE VERY SIMPLE answer is yes. BUT...there are a lot of buts. If a parent wishes to give up or "relinquish parental rights", the state agency that handlesfoster care, adoptions, temporar... Read More »

If you voluntarily give up your rights to your child and allow a relative to adopt that child can you adopt their children?