How many states allow gay adoption?

Answer the pharoahs daughter batya adopted moses

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Are there any states in America that does not allow trans-racial adoption?

No, in 1996 the Removal of Barriers to Interethnic Adoption Provisions amended the Multiethnic Adoption Act of 1994 (MEPA), making this kind of discrimination illegal.

How many states allow abortions?

All 50 states must allow abortions because they are legal since the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. Some states put restrictions on abortions, and some states have "trigger" laws in place ... Read More »

How many states allow initiative petitions?

Twenty-four states allow initiative petitions. An initiative is a proposal of a constitutional amendment or a new law placed on the ballot by collecting necessary signatures. Of the 24 states, 16 a... Read More »

How many states allow gays to adopt children?