What Keeps the Stars & Solar System in the Milky Way Galaxy Moving in a Spiral?

Answer Gravity is what keeps stars and solar systems moving around the Milky Way in a spiral. The Milky Way can be divided into three areas, with only the galactic disk truly moving in a spiral; the orbit... Read More »

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Did you mean solar charged inverter at 850VA?

How many magic stars are there in a bag?

This works with everything that several "pieces" come in a package, like cookies or candies etc.:On the back of the bag or box or whatever look for the nutrition facts. Right under it'll say Servin... Read More »

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There are 120 collectible stars in Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 system. Finding stars unlocks new areas and allows the player to progress towards the final battle with Bowser. Some stars are ... Read More »

Are there other solar systems in the Milky Way and if so, how many?

Until the 1990s, scientists knew of no other solar systems in the Milky Way galaxy. They discovered other solar systems by observing slight gravitational pull on stars that suggested orbiting plane... Read More »