How many stars are in the Taurus constellation?

Answer The constellation Taurus contains 15 named stars and approximately 220 total stars. The entire constellation creates a long "Y" shape, with the top portion tracing the bull from the horns to the n... Read More »

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How to View Taurus the Constellation?

Taurus the Bull is one of 13 zodiac constellations listed by Ptolemy and possibly recognized by humans since the Stone Age. The bull symbolized many things in ancient cultures, from Zeus to virilit... Read More »

Where is the Taurus constellation located in the night sky?

The Taurus constellation, resembling a bull, is visible from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Find Taurus by looking to the right of Orion's belt to find Aldebaran. This bright star is t... Read More »

What stars make up the constellation Cancer?

The most noticeable star cluster in the constellation of Cancer, "the crab," is Praesepe, which forms the breast of the crab shape. Two other distinct stars are North and South Aselli, which form t... Read More »

What Types of Stars Are Found in the Constellation Leo?

Constellations evoke iconic images, like the lion for the constellation Leo, that have been used by man for centuries to help "organize" the star field that we see from earth. The "backwards questi... Read More »