How many Stanley Cups did the Detroit Red Wings win?

Answer The Detroit Red Wings have 11 NHL Stanley Cup championships as of 2010, according to The Red Wings won their first championship in 1935-1936 and their last in 2007-2008 as ... Read More »

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How big are the Buffalo Wild Wings sauce cups?

According to a server at an Austin, Texas, Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant, the company uses a 2-ounce cup or a 3-ounce cup to hold any of the 14 wing sauces or the salad dressings and other dipping ... Read More »

Hiw many cups of tea should you have in a day?

They say 8 cups of green tea is magic.But like, the real stuff.Not Arizona tea or something like that :p

How many wings does a typical butterfly have?

Butterflies have two forewings and two hindwings for a total of four wings. The wings are covered with tiny scales, often which have pigment that give the butterfly its color.References:Useful Triv... Read More »

How many cups of coffee have you maxed out in a day?

it's noon and I'm on my fourth... i'll let you know later