How many stamens does a peony have?

Answer The number of stamens varies depending on the type of peony. Herbaceous peonies come in five forms: single, Japanese, semi-double, double and bomb. Singles have the most stamens, and bombs have the... Read More »

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How many sepals does a peony have?

Peonies (the name given to flowers in the genus Paeonia) have five sepals. Sepals are the green outer leaves of a flower that protect the bud before the flower blooms.Source:"Paeonia"; A Dictionary... Read More »

Do flowers have more stamens or pistils?

Complete flowers, which produce both male parts (stamens) and female parts (pistils), usually have more stamens than pistils. However, not all plants produce complete flowers. Holly, for example, p... Read More »

When peony blooms have died, should they be dead headed?

Just about to do mine. Seed setting is not necessary or desirable.

What state does the peony belong to?

The peony replaced the zinnia as the state flower of Indiana in 1957 after a decision was made by the state's General Assembly. Seen throughout Indiana, the peony usually blooms just before the sta... Read More »