How many stages are there in colon cancer?

Answer There are four stages of colon cancer. Stage I refers to the period when a tumor is still in the inner layer of the colon. In stage II, the tumor has grown deeper into the colon wall and begun to s... Read More »

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What are the various stages of cancer What are the basis for such categorization of these stages?

The various stages are usually 0-4. It can go up to 4b and many variables in between such as 1,1a, 1b, etc.In general most cancers are staged according to TNM, Tumor, Nodes and Mets. Each part is s... Read More »

Colon cancer, stomach cancer Please help?

This would have nothing to do with stomach cancer even if you were old enough to be concerned about it. Simply having constipation is also not a reason to think cancer of any kind at any age, but e... Read More »

Does this mean I have colon cancer?

sigh......colon cancer is a cancer that older people get. You're about 30 years too young.Means nothing, you're fine.

BF has Colon Cancer?

sweetie he has cancer, he's not worried about you right fact he probably isn't even thinking of you, he's worried about his life.