How many squares are in a roll of tar paper?

Answer In roofing, a square refers to an area 10 feet by 10 feet, or 100 square feet. Roofing felt or tar paper is available in two weights. Roofing felt at a 15 lb. rating has 432 square feet in a roll o... Read More »

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When you replace your toilet paper you bring it over the top or behind the roll?

Over the top, of course! Same with paper towels!

Should the leading edge of a roll of toilet paper go down the outside of the roll?

The toilet tissue should pull from the outside of the roll.If you have guests coming you can take the outside of the roll and make a "v" shape with the first sheet, looks really nice.Just fold the... Read More »

Kid's Crafts With Tissue Paper Squares, Glue & a Pencil?

Use craft supplies such as tissue paper cut into squares along with glue and a pencil to create crafts with your children that can be displayed for everyone to see. Arrange craft ideas according to... Read More »

How big is a roll of tar paper?

There are two types of tar paper: #15 and #30. For every 100 square feet of tar paper, the #15 weighs about four pounds and the #30 weighs about nine pounds. Both types come in rolls. The #15 rolls... Read More »