What is the land area of france in square miles&square kilometers?

Answer France's total area is 211,208 square miles which is equal to 547,030 square kilometers. In comparison, it covers about four fifths the land area of the state of Texas. The country has 2,130 mile... Read More »

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How to Convert Square Kilometers to Square Miles?

Square miles and square kilometers are units for measuring areas of large plots of land such as forestland. The square mile (sq. mi) is used in the United States, while the square kilometer (sq. km... Read More »

How big is new york in square miles?

New York state has an area of 54,475 square miles, or 141,090 square kilometers, making it the 27th largest state. New York City is 301 square miles, or 780 square kilometers, in area.References:En... Read More »

How to Convert Square KM to Miles?

The metric system uses the meter as a base measurement length. When measuring a large area such as land, it is common to use a kilometer. This is often more applicable for large areas because one t... Read More »

How many square miles can the Hoover Dam power?

The Hoover Dam generates approximately 4.2 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity each year, which is enough to serve 1.3 million people. The Dam contain's 17 main power turbines, which at full capa... Read More »