How many square feet is the Biltmore mansion?

Answer The Biltmore House, an 1890s mansion in Asheville, North Carolina, totals 175,000 square feet, around four acres. Designed by Richard Morris Hunt, and originally owned by George Vanderbilt, the man... Read More »

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How many square feet is the biltmore house?

The Biltmore House is 175,000 square feet, has 250 rooms and covers four acres. The house is owned by the Vanderbilt family and is located in Asheville, North Carolina. It was designed by American ... Read More »

How big is the Biltmore House in square feet?

How many 8 x 8 square feet ceramic tile will it take to cover 64 square feet?

As 8 feet x 8 feet = 64 square feet it will only take one 8 feet by 8 feet tile to cover 64 square feet.

How many 12x8 square feet tile will it take to cover 200 square feet?

Your question needs a better understandinga "square foot" is any shape that calculates to 144 sq inchesa "Foot Square" would be a specific shape 12"x12" tile which also equals 144 sq inchessince a ... Read More »