How many spots does barney the dinosaur have on his back?

Answer Notably , Deathnote .

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How many spots dose barney have?

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Does a giraffe have spots on its tail?

Spots cover most of a giraffe's body, including its tail. The belly is the only part of the animal that does not have spots. Each giraffe have a unique set of spots, much like a human's fingerprint... Read More »

Why Does My Lawn Have Black Spots?

Black spots on grass not only look unattractive and serve as an eyesore, they sabotage the health and vigor of the lawn and weaken its structure. Mostly caused by fungal infestations, such spots or... Read More »

Does pothos have brown spots on its leaves?

Healthy pothos plants have green foliage. Variegated pathos have white, silver or yellow areas in the leaves. Brown spots in pothos foliage are considered a discoloration, and can be an indicator o... Read More »