Does a giraffe have spots on its tail?

Answer Spots cover most of a giraffe's body, including its tail. The belly is the only part of the animal that does not have spots. Each giraffe have a unique set of spots, much like a human's fingerprint... Read More »

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How many bones are in the neck of a giraffe?

Neck bones are referred to as vertebrae. The neck of a giraffe has seven vertebrae. Each vertebra in a giraffe measures about 10 inches or more, resulting in a neck that is 6 feet long.Source:Unive... Read More »

How many babies can a giraffe have?

A giraffe usually has only one baby at a time during gestation, which lasts for a period of 15 months. Giraffes can be born at any time of the year. The mother giraffe gives birth to the baby while... Read More »

How many knees does a giraffe have?

Giraffes have two knees, both of which are located on their front legs. Their forelegs are about 10 percent longer than their rear legs, giving giraffes their characteristic gait and pace as they ... Read More »

How many living species of giraffe are left?

Only one species of giraffe occurs in Africa, but there are nine recognized subspecies of the mammal. Only one of these subspecies, the Uganda giraffe, is an endangered animal, which the San Diego ... Read More »