Do We Really Swallow Spiders In Our Sleep?

Answer yes its true because when a spider or in-dead any insect this is the humans reaction to something going the mouth is to chew it and swallow it quickly.hope i was helpful.oh yes on average a human e... Read More »

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How many hours of sleep do you think an average person requires Are you oversleeping?

For some as little as six (6)For some as much as nine (9)Usualy eight (8) will do.

How many hours of sleep does a 59 year old person need?

Any where from 7 to 9 hours of sleep depending on the person....Peace.

How much sleep does the average 14-year-old need?

AnswerIt is recommended that teenagers try to get an average of 9 or 10 hours of sleep each night; this rarely happens because of activities and friends, but the body needs that much, especially si... Read More »

How many loads of cloths does the average PERSON DO PER year?

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters I dry about 8 loads a week. It's easy to move one load from the washer to the dryer so it's not about separating it again, you just take a washed load and move it to ... Read More »