How many species of oak trees are there?

Answer There are 600 species of oak in the world. Half of those oaks are native to North America, though they are largely limited to the southern areas of the continent. Oaks are scarce in Canada and othe... Read More »

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How many different species of elm trees are there?

Between 20 to 40 species of elm trees exist. Examples of elm tree species include the American Elm, Winged Elm and English Elm. An elm tree's leaves are oval-shaped and become narrower at the end ... Read More »

Is there any palm trees in new york?

Why there are palm trees in California?

California is full of palms these days. It was not always like that. Only one species of palm is native to the state: The California Fan Palm (scientific name: Washingtonia filifera). From early on... Read More »

How many species of trees grow in the Amazon jungles?

In an Amazon jungle, approximately 700 species are at home in a 2.5-acre stretch of land. Trees in the Amazon jungle can grow as tall as 200 feet. One such species is the kapok tree, the biggest tr... Read More »