How many species of gecko are there?

Answer Geckos belong to the scientific family Gekkonidae. There are over 100 genuses in this family and, as of 2010, approximately 1180 gecko species. As researchers study and learn more about geckos, som... Read More »

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What is an exotic species&an invasive species?

Exotic and invasive are terms used by the United States Department of Agriculture to describe plant status in a given area of the United States. An exotic species has been introduced to one ecosyst... Read More »

How to Buy the Right Gecko for You?

This is a leopard gecko. It is considered the easiest gecko to care for, and is very friendly when olderMany people constantly wonder which type of gecko they should purchase. If you are one of the... Read More »

How to Care for a Gecko?

There are more than 800 species of gecko, and they live in most of the world's habitats, from tropical forests to arid deserts. The smallest species are only 3/4-inch long, while the extinct Delcou... Read More »

What is a gecko's diet?

A gecko's basic diet consists of insects, other reptiles--including other geckos--and rodents. Some species of geckos may eat fruit or nectar, according to the Reptile Database. A gecko's species a... Read More »