How many species of gecko are there?

Answer Geckos belong to the scientific family Gekkonidae. There are over 100 genuses in this family and, as of 2010, approximately 1180 gecko species. As researchers study and learn more about geckos, som... Read More »

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How many species of salmon are there?

There are six major types of salmon, and most have two names. They are the Chinook, or king; the silver, or coho; the chum, or dog; the pink, or humpy; the sockeye, or red; and the steelhead.Source... Read More »

How many cactus species are there?

The exact number of cactus species depends upon the particular source that's accepted as an authority. Figures may range from around 2,000+ to as high as 6,000. It nevertheless may be said with a c... Read More »

How many species of earthworms are there?

There are three main types of earthworm: endogeic, anecic and epigeic. Endogeic worms live mainly underground in lateral burrows. Anecic worms live in verticle burrows, and occasionally will come u... Read More »

How many species of oak trees are there?

There are 600 species of oak in the world. Half of those oaks are native to North America, though they are largely limited to the southern areas of the continent. Oaks are scarce in Canada and othe... Read More »