Do birds eat dead baby birds of different species?

Answer Many species of birds--such as crows, ravens and vultures--eat carrion, or dead animals. These birds will eat any dead animal, including dead baby birds of different species, that make an easy meal... Read More »

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Different Species of Cardinal Birds?

Cardinals are perching songbirds found in North and South America. There are three "true" cardinals belonging to the genus Cardinalis, although birds from the same family but a different genus are ... Read More »

Can Cockatiels Live With Other Species of Birds?

Cockatiels are popular pet birds due to their gregarious nature and ease of care. Smaller than other parrot species but with the same intelligence and ability to mimic words and sounds, cockatiels ... Read More »

How many species of hummingbird are in the world?

More than 330 species of hummingbirds are in the world, and 29 species are endangered. The average lifespan of a hummingbird is approximately three to four years. The oldest hummingbird on record w... Read More »

How many species of mammals are there in the world?

There are approximately 5,400 species of mammals in the world, according to the book "Mammal Species of the World" (2005). This number varies slightly due in part to the discovery of new species an... Read More »