How many species of animals live on the earth?

Answer There are approximately 1,250,000 species of animals living on earth, including 1,190,200 invertebrates (950,000 insects, 70,000 mollusks, 40,000 crustaceans, and 130,200 others) and about 58,800 v... Read More »

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How many species of animals live on Earth?

The number of animal species that live on Earth is one of science's greatest mysteries. About 2 million animal species have been identified as of 2007, and new species are constantly being discover... Read More »

How many species of animals live in Antarctica?

No animals live full-time on the ices of Antarctica, but a total of 66 different species of animals call it home at times. Eight species of whales and six species of seals make the waters of Antarc... Read More »

How many species of organisms live on the earth today?

Science has identified over two million species of organisms. Estimates project that there are nearly fifty times that many waiting to be discovered, which means that there could possibly be 100 mi... Read More »

How many animals are on the endangered species list?

The global endangered species list is constantly growing due primarily to loss of habitat and human encroachment. The worldwide list of endangered animal species contains about 10,801 members, whil... Read More »