How many songs will a 40gig ipod hold?

Answer Answer Would depend on the length and quaility of the songs being used, however, a ballpark figure would be around 10,000.

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How many songs will a 120g ipod hold?

The 120 GB iPod Classic holds up to 30,000 songs, although the length and quality of the songs and the amount of other media---photos, games and videos---saved to the iPod will also affect the numb... Read More »

How many songs will a 2-gig iPod nano hold?

A 2GB iPod Nano is capable of holding up to 500 songs that are recorded either in the MP3, AAC, or Audible format. The player can also reportedly play songs for 14 hours on a single battery charge.... Read More »

How many songs will a 120GB iPod hold?

Apple's 120GB iPod classic has a capacity of 30,000 songs. Apple assumes the user has loaded all songs in AAC format and that each song has a bit rate of 128KB per second. Specifications vary for s... Read More »

How many songs can a 1-GB iPod hold?

The original and second-generation iPod shuffles and the original nano have been available with a 1GB storage capacity. Each can hold up to 240 songs, according to Apple, although song length and r... Read More »