How many songs videos and photos can the 16gb and 32gb iPhone 3GS hold?

Answer The recently introduced Palm Pre may be a great option for you. It offers a big multi-touch screen, alongside with a full REAL keyboard. Palm has been an excellent Smart Phone and Pilot provider fo... Read More »

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Does 16GB iPhone 4S have enough memory to hold 250 songs and 200 photos plus a decent amount of apps?

Depends on the file format of the photos. It should fit your songs. You may want to just check how much space the music and pictures take up on your PC.

How many photos and songs can a 16gb iPad 2 hold?

How much photos videos music and apps can a 16gb iPad 2 hold?

This question can't be answered just by giving a number... (Apps have not one file size, it can vary from 1mb to hundreds of megabytes... )An iPad with 16gb can carry a lot of stuff... It will take... Read More »

How many songs does an iphone 4 32gb hold?

Depends what size the music files are. One song can be 3-10mb.