How many songs& pictures does a SanDisk 1GB microSD card hold?

Answer According to SanDisk, a 1GB microSD card will hold approximately 250 songs or 572 pictures. SanDisk bases these estimates on standard-quality, 4-minute song files and high-quality, 5-megapixel JPE... Read More »

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How many pictures does a 128 megabits sd cardhold?

its called mega bytes..if the pictures are about 1mb each, you will get 128 pictures. they tend to be bigger. i'd say about 80pictures depending on the quality

What can a Sandisk MicroSD card do?

Be used for storage, backup, transfer media

How do I use a SanDisk microSD memory card on a PC?

Insert the microSD card into a microSD-to-SD adapter and push it into your PC's SD card slot until you feel it lock into place. Use a SD-to-USB adapter to connect the SD card adapter to your PC if ... Read More »

How many songs go on a 2GB microSD card?

Kingston Technology states that 380 MP3 and WMA songs will fit onto a 2GB storage card assuming a 4MB file size. Results may vary.Source:Kingston Technology