How many songs movies games apps etc does the 8gb google nexus 7 hold?

Answer Typically an average song is 1mb per one minute and a DVD rip is 700 megabytes. One gig is 1024 megabytes. I don't know how much the operating system takes up though. But, if you use google play yo... Read More »

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How many e books songs and apps can an i Pad 2 hold?

How many songs and apps can the ipod touch 4g hold?

hey each song is bigger or smaller file so.. this is approx.4g=950-1000 songs8=1950-2000songs32=7950-8000 songs64=15950-16000 songsnow if you have movies and other apps i cant predict the amount of... Read More »

Nexus 7 tablet won't stop syncing to songs on Google Play music storage. How to stop this?

Go into the Play Music app and click the Menu button in the upper right corner. You can choose what music you want on your device, and whether to cache music you stream. You should be able to turn ... Read More »

Does 16GB iPhone 4S have enough memory to hold 250 songs and 200 photos plus a decent amount of apps?

Depends on the file format of the photos. It should fit your songs. You may want to just check how much space the music and pictures take up on your PC.