Your Top 5 Taylor Swift songs?

Answer I love all the songs by Taylor Swift. I guess these would be my top 5 though. ❤1.) I knew you were trouble2.) White horse3.) You’re not sorry4.) Forever and always5.) Teardrops on my guitar

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How to Trade Rare Taylor Swift Songs?

Taylor Swift around the age of 13 playing her beautiful guitar.Have you always wanted to trade rare Taylor Swift songs but you don't know how? Well then, just keep reading. I'll help you with that.... Read More »

Easy songs to play on guitar by Taylor Swift or Demi Lovato?

Catch Me by Demi Lovato. There's a bit of strumming in the end but that's like 4 bars only.Don't Forget by Demi. The guitar part is almost similar to Catch Me.Lightweight - Demi. No strumming at al... Read More »

Who do you like better Taylor Momsen or Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift is more talented and quite the business entrepeneur. Taylor Swift is much more classy and respectable. I like Taylor Momsen I just think she is too over the top. I think Taylor Momsen ... Read More »

Are you a taylor swift fan?

Yes, I am a big Taylor Swift fan. I can't choose just one song so my top favs are, Love Story, Forever & Always, Our Song, and Teardrops On My Guitar.