How many songs fit on a 128mb mp3 player?

Answer A 128Mb mp3 player can hold around 30 songs if, on average, each song lasts 4 minutes and is recorded at 128Kbps.Source:Rio Forge 128 MB Sport Player

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How many songs can a 128MB MP3 player hold?

A 128MB MP3 player can hold up to 30 songs recorded at 128Kbps, if each song lasts an average of four minutes.Source:Rio Forge 128MB Sport Player

How many songs can fit on a 1gb mp3 player?

Though capacity varies by song sampling rates, SanDisk states that a 1 GB player can hold about 500 songs, or a total of 15 hours of music in MP3 format, with each song lasting four minutes and rec... Read More »

How many songs can I put on a 480-MB MP3 player?

You could fit around 160 songs on a 480-MB MP3 player. This is assuming that the MP3s being loaded onto the MP3 player have an average size of 3 A Guide to MP3

How many songs can you put on a 1gb mp3 player?

A 1 GB MP3 player can hold a various amount of songs. Generally, 1 GB of storage will hold 220 to 240 songs. This number varies depending on the size of the song files.Source:Technical Itch: Apple ... Read More »