How many songs does the iPhone hold?

Answer The number of songs an iPhone can hold depends on the size of the hard drive. iPhones with 8 GB of storage can hold about 1,500 songs, iPhones with 16 GB of space can hold about 3,000 songs and the... Read More »

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How many songs does the iphone 3gs hold?

the new iphone comes in a 16 GB and 32 GB which i believe is 3500 or 7000 songs you can also choose white or black and its the price of the old one, 199 or 299. the iphone 3G is only 99 or 199 now

How many songs does 16 gb hold on iPhone 4?

How many songs does the iPhone 3G hold?

they are the same size but the 2g because there the same ant the 2g is cheaper

How many songs does an 8GB iPhone hold?

The 8GB iPhone can hold approximately 1,500 songs (at an average of 5MB per song). But the number of songs it will hold also depends on how much memory is being used for applications, contact infor... Read More »