How many songs does a 128GB iPod hold?

Answer Depends on how big your Mp3s are some are 10mb some are 2 some could even be 60! But mostly good high quality sounding songs are 10 so it would be 12800 Songs.... Not including apps videos softwa... Read More »

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I have a friend that has another ipod nano that is a 2 gig like mine but he can hold about 500 songs while i can only hold about 170?

Often times songs do not take up the same amount of space. If you have 170 songs that all clock in to about 10,000 kb, you might fill up. If someone else has 1,000 songs at 1000 kb each, then you t... Read More »

How many songs would an 8GB iPod hold?

As of May 2010, Apple offers 8GB versions of the iPod Nano and iPod Touch. While the 8GB iPod Nano can hold 2,000 songs the 8GB iPod Touch can hold only 1,750 songs.Source:Apple: iPod

How much songs can a 2 GB ipod hold?

How many songs can a 30-gig iPod hold?

A 30 gigabyte iPod can hold up to 7,500 songs. That's about 30 hours of music. The actual number of songs varies, depending on the length of the songs and other files that might be on the iPod.Sour... Read More »