How many songs does a 128GB iPod hold?

Answer Depends on how big your Mp3s are some are 10mb some are 2 some could even be 60! But mostly good high quality sounding songs are 10 so it would be 12800 Songs.... Not including apps videos softwa... Read More »

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How many songs does the ipod 2gb hold?

How many songs does a ipod 8GB hold?

Up to 2000 songs...depending on the file sizes. yes, that is aproximately correct. i have an 8GB ipod nano, and so far i have used up 1GB and i have 248 songs.

How many songs does a 1GB ipod hold?

With an average song at 4mb encoded at 128ACC or 256mp3 will give you about 230-250 songs.

How many songs does a 1 GB iPod hold?

A 1 GB (gigabyte) iPod can hold approximately 240 to 250 songs. This amount is based on a song that is four minutes long, recorded at a 128 kbps bit rate. A higher bit rate makes for a better sound... Read More »