How many songs does a 2 GB MP3 player hold?

Answer A 2 GB MP3 player can hold about 533 average-quality (128 kbps) songs, 427 high-quality (160 kbps) songs or 355 very high-quality (192 kbps) songs, at an average song length of four minutes. If the... Read More »

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How many songs does a 2GB MP3 player hold?

Approximately 500 songs will fill an MP3 player with 2 GBs of storage. Players such as the iPod Shuffle often allow for multiple playlists when you have a mixture of different types of songs.Refere... Read More »

How many songs does a 256 MB MP3 player hold?

MP3 players with 256 megabytes of space can hold about 85 songs. This assertion is based on the average size of an MP3 file, approximately 3 megabytes in size. The best way to determine how many so... Read More »

How many songs does a 4 GB MP3 player hold?

Most 4GB MP3 players hold 1,000 songs. The number of songs it holds depends on the size of the files, and if you have any other media such as pictures or videos stored on the MP3 player.Source:Best... Read More »

How many songs does an mp3 player hold?

it depends on the memory if it's a gigabite(gb) it's usually 500 songs and 512 megabite(mb) it's usually 250 and an ipod like a 2 gb 1 is 1000 songs