I have a friend that has another ipod nano that is a 2 gig like mine but he can hold about 500 songs while i can only hold about 170?

Answer Often times songs do not take up the same amount of space. If you have 170 songs that all clock in to about 10,000 kb, you might fill up. If someone else has 1,000 songs at 1000 kb each, then you t... Read More »

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How many songs does the 160 GB ipod hold?

How much songs can a 2 GB ipod hold?

How many songs can a 16G iPod hold?

As of 2010, four 16GB iPods have been released--the fourth and fifth generation iPod Nano and the first and second generation iPod Touch. The Nanos can hold up to 4,000 songs and the Touches can ho... Read More »

How many songs does a 1 GB iPod hold?

A 1 GB (gigabyte) iPod can hold approximately 240 to 250 songs. This amount is based on a song that is four minutes long, recorded at a 128 kbps bit rate. A higher bit rate makes for a better sound... Read More »