How many songs can a 1-GB iPod hold?

Answer The original and second-generation iPod shuffles and the original nano have been available with a 1GB storage capacity. Each can hold up to 240 songs, according to Apple, although song length and r... Read More »

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How many songs can a 8 GB ipod hold?

How many songs can a 2G iPod hold?

Four iPods have been available in 2GB models--the first-generation Nano, the second-generation Nano, the second-generation Shuffle and the third-generation Shuffle. Each can store up to 500 songs, ... Read More »

How many songs can a 16G iPod hold?

As of 2010, four 16GB iPods have been released--the fourth and fifth generation iPod Nano and the first and second generation iPod Touch. The Nanos can hold up to 4,000 songs and the Touches can ho... Read More »

How many songs can a 30-gig iPod hold?

A 30 gigabyte iPod can hold up to 7,500 songs. That's about 30 hours of music. The actual number of songs varies, depending on the length of the songs and other files that might be on the iPod.Sour... Read More »