How many songs did Elvis Presley record?

Answer The number of Elvis Presley song recordings is hard to pinpoint because of recordings during private practice sessions and rehearsals. The "official" Elvis recordings from Sun and RCA, plus film an... Read More »

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What two songs did Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan& The Beatles all record?

"That's All Right Mama" and "Yesterday" are two songs recorded by Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and The Beatles. Bob Dylan recorded versions of both songs, but never released them on an album.References... Read More »

How many records did Elvis Presley record?

Not counting album reissues, Elvis Presley recorded 74 albums before his death on August 16, 1977. This number includes the album "Elvis in Concert," which was released posthumously but was a proje... Read More »

How many songs did Elvis Presley release?

According to Ernst Jorgensen, curator of the Elvis Presley vault, in a December 2009 interview with MSN Music, Elvis Presley released 711 songs. Jorgensen's mission is to "get people to look beyond... Read More »

How much money did Elvis Presley get for his first record contract?

Elvis Presley signed his first recording contract with RCA Records on Nov. 20, 1955, for $40,000. Of that total, $35,000 went to his manager, Colonel Parker, with Presley receiving $5,000.Reference... Read More »