How many songs can you burn on a cd?

Answer Standard CDs contain 700 megabytes or 80 minutes of space. If you want to burn songs in the standard CDA format, you can put 80 minutes of songs on a CD. The average song is three minutes long, mea... Read More »

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Once you burn a CD, can you come back and burn more songs onto it?

Not if its a CD-R. If its a CD-RW, you should be able to add songs, provided there's room.

Can you burn songs on a CD that already had burnt songs on it?

CD's don't work like disk drives or flash drives. You can;t keep erasing them and writing over the same spot on the CD. Once something is written there that part of the CD is used. Some CD's wil... Read More »

How many songs do you have stored on your iPod Does anyone know how many songs an iPod 4G Clickwheel holds?

You havent stated whether you have a Nano or Classic, the size of it and your average song size.Ipod Classic 4G 20GB - ~5000 songs40GB ~ 10000 songsIpod Nano 4G8GB ~ 2000 Songs16GB ~ 4000 SongsBase... Read More »

How do I burn 300+ songs on one CD?

Save the songs as MP3 files (or some other compressed format), then compress their data further by zipping them. Use a free zip program, such as WinZip or 7-Zip (these programs take you through the... Read More »