How many songs can the 8GB ipod classic hold?

Answer It depends because it says 8gb but its really 7gb and it depends how much memory each song takes up

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How many songs can a 80gb ipod classic hold?

How many albums does ipod classic 160gb hold?

If you stick strictly to AAC 128 kb/s it will hold roughly 3,000 albums. I got this number by diving 40,000 songs (the number Apple says it will hold if in 128 kb/s) by 12 (The number of songs most... Read More »

How many songs can a 16 gig ipod hold?

a one gig can hold 200 so 200 x 16 is three thousand two hundred

How many songs can a 30-gig iPod hold?

A 30 gigabyte iPod can hold up to 7,500 songs. That's about 30 hours of music. The actual number of songs varies, depending on the length of the songs and other files that might be on the iPod.Sour... Read More »