How many songs can one gigabyte hold on an iPod?

Answer The typical iPod can fit about 200 songs per gigabyte. However, the number of songs an iPod can hold depends on the version and type that you use, according to EveryMac. Also, shorter songs and low... Read More »

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How many songs does a 2 gigabyte iPod hold?

The first- and second-generation nanos and the second- and third-generation iPod shuffles are available with 2GB of storage. All four models can store up to 500 songs, although song quality and len... Read More »

How many songs does a 30-gigabyte iPod video hold?

A 30GB iPod video can hold approximately 7,500 songs. This is based on songs which are recorded at 128 kbps and are approximately four minutes in length. A longer song or higher bit rate will reduc... Read More »

How many songs can you store in 1 gigabyte?

A gigabyte is 1 billion bytes, 1000 megabytes, and an mp3 song will range in size from 1 Mb to 7 or 8 Mb depending on the bit-rate (determines music quality). So from 100 to 200 songs would be aver... Read More »

How many pictures will a 32 gigabyte memory card hold?

About 8000 pictures depending on the quality of pictures. Higher quality = bigger file, less pictures. Lower quality = smaller file, more pictures.