How many songs can an iPod hold with 16GB of memory?

Answer An iPod that is equipped with 16GB of memory can hold 4,000 songs, according to the Apple Store. The Nano is the only model of the popular iPod music devices to come in a 16GB version.Source:Apple ... Read More »

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How many songs can a 16GB iPod hold?

The iPod Nano comes in 8GB and 16GB sizes. A 16GB iPod Nano can hold approximately 4,000 songs or 16 hours of video, according to Apple. The suggested retail price of this iPod is $179 as of 2010.S... Read More »

Does 16GB iPhone 4S have enough memory to hold 250 songs and 200 photos plus a decent amount of apps?

Depends on the file format of the photos. It should fit your songs. You may want to just check how much space the music and pictures take up on your PC.

How many songs and movies can 16GB hold?

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How many photos and songs can a 16gb iPad 2 hold?