How many songs can an iPod Shuffle hold?

Answer The amount of songs an iPod Shuffle can hold varies depending on the encoding method and bitrate used. A 4GB iPod Shuffle, for example, holds up to 1,000 songs, based on 4 minutes per song and 128 ... Read More »

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How many songs can an iPod Shuffle 2GB hold?

An 2GB iPod will hold about 500 songs. The storage capacity will vary depending on the length of the songs downloaded, so your device might hold a few more or fewer than 500 songs.Source:Every Mac.... Read More »

How many songs does a 1.89gb shuffle hold?

I think either 100 or 150 because i have an mp3 player with 1.89 gb and it holed about 150 songs. Some mp3 players/ipods hold less or more.

Why is your ipod shuffle deleting songs when I add songs to it?

It does that because your ipod is full and can't hold anymore songs it it deletes other songs everytime you add on more song.

What does hold mean on an iPod shuffle?

It means that when engaged the buttons on the iPod will do nothing. This function is useful if you are in a situation where your iPod gets hit alot that way none of the buttons will activate, chang... Read More »