How many songs can a 512MB MP3 player store?

Answer The number of songs a 512 MB MP3 player can store depends on the length of the songs and the rate of compression. A typical music MP3 takes up about 1 MB per minute, and a typical pop song is three... Read More »

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How many songs fit on a 512MB MP3 player?

A 512MB MP3 player can hold approximately 100 to 125 songs that are each three to five minutes in length. This come out to about 3000MB to 4500MB per MP3-formatted song.Source:SanDisk: Storage Char... Read More »

How many songs will a 512MB MP3 player hold?

A 512MB MP3 player can hold up to 250 downloaded songs. This type of MP3 player can offer up to 16 hours of playtime. The amount of storage that a MP3 has is important when the purchase of one is u... Read More »

How many songs can a 512mb MP3 hold?

A 512mb MP3 player can hold an average of 159 songs. This calculation assumes that the average song length is 3 minutes and 30 seconds, the bit rate of the recorded songs is 128 kbps and the MP3 tr... Read More »

How many songs does a 512MB iPod hold?

A 512 MB iPod can hold approximately 120 songs. This is based on a 128 kbps bit rate and songs that are approximately 4 minutes long. A 512 MB iPod is usually an iPod shuffle.Source:Apple: iPod shu... Read More »