How many songs can a 4GB iPod touch hold?

Answer A 4GB iPod touch can hold between 700 and 1,000 songs. This is based on a 128 kbps bit rate and songs which last approximately four minutes. Unlike other portable music players, iPods don't include... Read More »

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How many songs can a 16 GB iPod touch hold?

A 16 gigabyte iPod Touch can hold an average of 4,000 songs, give or take some depending on the size of the file, the length of the song, and other things on your iPod Touch that may take up space.

How many songs does a 8GB Ipod touch hold?

it depends on the file size.. most websites includingiTunes used to sell you songs at 128kbps. iTunes have now started selling them at higher "resolution" (256kbps) which means you could plug them ... Read More »

How many songs can a 8 GB ipod touch hold?

It can hold about 2,000 songs and 10 hours of videos.

How many songs can the 8 gig iPod touch hold?

The first- and second-generation 8GB iPod touch can hold up to 1,750 songs, and the third-generation 8GB iPod touch can hold up to 1,700 songs, according to Apple. Factors such as song quality and ... Read More »