How many songs can a 4-GB mini iPod hold?

Answer A 4-GB mini iPod can hold over 1,000 songs. The exact number of songs it holds depends on the length of each song and other information stored on the iPod.Source:Amazon Product Information

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How many songs can an iPod mini hold?

The first-generation iPod mini was available only in a 4GB model, which could hold up to 1,000 songs. The second-generation iPod mini was available in 4GB and 6GB models, which could store up to 1,... Read More »

How many songs does a 4GB iPod Mini hold?

A 4GB iPod mini holds about 1,000 songs. The amount depends on the size of the songs. iPod minis are no longer available to buy from Apple, Inc., and they cannot play video

How many songs can a 32 gig ipod hold?

8000 songs. 20,000 divided by 80 = 250. 250 x 32 = 8000

How many songs can an 8 gig iPod hold?

According to the Apple website, the iPod Nano 8GB can hold up to 2,000 songs and about 8 hours of video. The iPod Touch 8GB can hold up to 1,750 songs and about 10 hours of ... Read More »