How many songs can a 2GB iPod carry?

Answer A 2GB iPod can hold 500 songs, according to the Apple Store. The iPod Shuffle is the only iPod that is available in a 2 GB model. This version of the iPod sells for $59 as of 2010.Source:Apple Sto... Read More »

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How many songs do you have stored on your iPod Does anyone know how many songs an iPod 4G Clickwheel holds?

You havent stated whether you have a Nano or Classic, the size of it and your average song size.Ipod Classic 4G 20GB - ~5000 songs40GB ~ 10000 songsIpod Nano 4G8GB ~ 2000 Songs16GB ~ 4000 SongsBase... Read More »

How can I add songs to an Ipod Nano that already had songs on it with out erasing the contents of the ipod.?

hi marleyfu! u need to have the "manage music and videos manually" option selected in itunes - try this:1. open itunes then plug ur ipod into ur computer.2. once u plug ur ipod into ur computer, it... Read More »

How many songs can you fit on a 4GB iPod?

Several iPods, including the first- and second-generation mini, the first three generations of the nano and the third-generation shuffle, have 4GB of storage, which allows them to hold up to 1,000 ... Read More »

How many songs can you get on an 8 GB iPod?

According to Apple's website, an 8 GB IPod can hold up to two thousand songs. You can also have up to eight hours of video on this particular model of IPod.References:Apple: Compare iPod models