How many songs can a 256mb hard drive hold?

Answer Hard drives don't come as small as 256mb. Even flash drives that small are hard to find today. An average mp3 takes one megabit per minute of song. Assuming an average song length of three minutes,... Read More »

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How many songs can a 256MB MP3 player hold?

A 256MB MP3 player can hold up to 100 downloaded songs. This type of MP3 player can offer up to eight hours of playtime. The amount of storage on a MP3 is an important factor when someone is consid... Read More »

Which hard drive is bigger 256mb or 16gb?

Ok man, here's some computer 101...Bit - 0 or 1 (the smallest unit of computer memory)Byte - 8 bitsKilobyte - 1,000 bytesMegabyte - 1,000 kilobytesGigabyte - 1,000 megabytesTerabytes - 1,000 gigaby... Read More »

How many songs can an 8-GB flash drive hold?

There is no definitive number of songs that can fit on a 8 GB flash drive because each song varies in terms of file size depending on the bit rate, length and method of compression. However, 8 GB e... Read More »

How many songs can a 4-GB flash drive hold?

A 4-GB flash drive has the capacity to hold about 760 MP3 songs. The number of songs will vary slightly based on the length of each song and the type of compression that is used for the music files... Read More »