How many songs can a 1g sd micro memory card hold?

Answer The number of songs a 1 gigabyte MicroSD memory card can hold depends on the file sizes of the songs. If the songs have an average file size of 5 megabytes (about the size of a high-quality four-mi... Read More »

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How many songs can an 8gb micro SD card hold?

The amount of songs an 8GB micro SD card can hold depends upon the size of the song files. A normal song file ranges from 3MB to 6MB. The average song is about 4MB. By dividing 8,192 MB (8GB) by ... Read More »

How many MP3 songs can a 1 GB Micro SD card hold?

A 1 GB Micro SD memory card can hold an average of 250 audio tracks, or songs. The more memory you have, the larger the amount of songs you can save on your Micro SD card.Source:SanDisk: FAQ

How many songs can an 8GB memory card hold?

According to the Sandisk Media Storage Estimator, an 8GB memory card can hold, on average, up to 2,000 3 1/2-minute songs (in mp3 format).Source:Media Storage Estimator

How many songs does a 4GB memory card hold?

A typical CD quality, four minute long song uses about 4MB. There are 1000 MB in one Gigabyte, therefore a 4GB card will hold approximately 1000, four minute songs.Source:Song file sizes and quality