How many songs can a 1GB hold?

Answer Depends on the size/length of the songs. I don't know about all those other GB but I have an 8GB iPod nano and it has about 1750+ songs on it including pictures and other media with about 1GB left.... Read More »

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How many wav songs can 8gb hold?

The WAV format is an older audio format that takes approximately 10 MB of data per minute. A three and a half minute song would then take up 35 MB of space. Eight gigabytes is the equivalent of 8,... Read More »

How many songs can a 3ds hold?

How many songs can a 512 mb mp3 hold?

MP3 music players with 512 MB, such as the iPod shuffle, can hold up to 120 songs, according to the Apple Support website. This is based on 4-minute songs, so shorter songs will take up less space.... Read More »

How many songs can a 700 MB CD hold?

The number of songs a 700 MB CD can hold depends on the length of the song and the format it is recorded in. For example, a CD that is formatted to play on a car or home stereo can hold an average ... Read More »