How many songs can a 128MB MP3 player hold?

Answer A 128MB MP3 player can hold up to 30 songs recorded at 128Kbps, if each song lasts an average of four minutes.Source:Rio Forge 128MB Sport Player

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How many songs fit on a 128mb mp3 player?

A 128Mb mp3 player can hold around 30 songs if, on average, each song lasts 4 minutes and is recorded at 128Kbps.Source:Rio Forge 128 MB Sport Player

How many photos does a 128MB memory stick hold on a 5.1 mega pixels campra hold?

Answer from Dtracer A 128mb memory car would hold about 70 4mp photos. But it depends how many mp (mega pixels) you camera has. Hope this helps youdtracer (i would be grateful for any points given)

How many songs does a 2GB MP3 player hold?

Approximately 500 songs will fill an MP3 player with 2 GBs of storage. Players such as the iPod Shuffle often allow for multiple playlists when you have a mixture of different types of songs.Refere... Read More »

How many songs can a 2GB MP3 player hold?

A 2GB MP3 player holds about 500 songs. This is an approximation based on the average song of 3 to 3 1/2 minutes at 128-kbps quality and takes up about 4 MB of space. The higher the quality, the mo... Read More »