How many songs can I play with one GB?

Answer SanDisk reports that their 1GB MP3 players can hold up to 250 songs. The technical specifications for a 1GB iPod shuffle indicate that it can hold up to 240 songs. The actual number depends on the ... Read More »

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I downloaded iTunes 9 onto your new computer and now my iPod wont play songs or games the games show up as a blank white screen and the songs will flash briefly what is wrong with it?

Why does 99.5 play all the same songs?

I don't know what format 99.5 is in your city, but I'm sure the reason is the same for just about any station. Research tells them that most people WANT to hear the same familiar songs. So, they sa... Read More »

How to Play GH3 Songs?

Guitar Hero 3 is one of the original Guitar Hero games for all video games systems. Unlike the newer versions of Guitar Hero, you cannot import these songs to the other games to play on the same di... Read More »

How many songs does a 4GB mp3 player play?

The capacity of an mp3 player depends on the sampling rate and format of its songs. For example, with four-minute songs, a 2GB player can usually hold 500 songs (30 hours) in mp3 format recorded at... Read More »