How many soldiers fought in the Gulf War?

Answer According to the Gulf War Veteran's Resource Page, 722,000 American service members fought in the 1991 Gulf War. This number is verified by the Middle East Online website, which lists the total num... Read More »

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How many German soldiers fought in World War I?

Over 11 million men fought in the German army from the onset of World War I in 1914 until Germany's defeat in 1918. Approximately 1.8 million German soldiers died in the war.References:World War I:... Read More »

What famous person fought with the buffalo soldiers?

The term "Buffalo Soldiers" refers to the African-American military regiments who served in the Great Plains region in the late 1800s. Notable members of the Buffalo Soldiers have included Henry O.... Read More »

How many French soldiers fought in the American Revolutionary War?

The French expedition to help the American cause against the British during the American Revolution was called the "Expedition Particuliere" and included approximately 5,000 regular soldiers. These... Read More »

How did it affect American soldiers who fought in the Vietnam war?