How many soldiers are in the U.S. Army?

Answer According to the 2009 "United States Air Force Almanac," the United States Army has 548,000 members, 456,651 of whom are enlisted. Of these, 73,902 members of the U.S. Army are women, with 59,683 e... Read More »

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How many US Army Soldiers?

How many soldiers are in the Army?

According to the United States Army, there are currently more than 675,000 soldiers in the Army. This figure includes 488,000 soldiers on active duty and 189,000 soldiers in the Army Reserve. Soldi... Read More »

How Many Soldiers Are in the US Army are Latino?

Way more than you will think. Even those who are not Americans. Many are Illegal Immigrants that risk their lives to defend a country that is not theirs. At least not yet!

How many soldiers in a US army division?

Infantry Division ~15,000Airborne Division ~12,000Armored Division ~15,000(?)