How many soldiers are in the israeli army?

Answer The Israeli government tries to hide the size of its army. However, Global Security estimates that it has 125,000 active duty ground forces and 600,000 in reserve. Of active duty soldiers, about tw... Read More »

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Do all Israeli's have to join the army?

yes, unless one has a physical or mental disability

How to Join the Israeli Army?

Nearly all Israelis, with few exceptions, are required to serve in the Israeli military. The Israel Defense Forces encompasses the country's army, navy and air force. Additionally, thousands of Jew... Read More »

Why did the Israeli government abandon the south lebanese army in 2000?

Cowardice.The IDF being kicked out by Hezbollah probably had something to do with it too.

How many soldiers are in the U.S. Army?

According to the 2009 "United States Air Force Almanac," the United States Army has 548,000 members, 456,651 of whom are enlisted. Of these, 73,902 members of the U.S. Army are women, with 59,683 e... Read More »