How many solar panels do I need for my home?

Answer On One Hand: Depends on Your HomeAccording to GE, the size of your array, or collection of solar panels, depends on your specific home. The climate and amount of electricity you usually use are big... Read More »

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How much do solar panels cost to power a home?

The cost of photovoltaic solar panels to power a home ranges from about $10 to $12 per watt. For a dynamic, state-of-the-art, fully-installed solar system that covers almost all of your energy need... Read More »

Are there any government programs that will pay for me to put solar panels on my home?

Solar energy is renewable and free, yet the technology is still in its infancy. To get more people to use this renewabe resource, there are many federal and state government agencies that offer inc... Read More »

How many solar panels are needed to power an 1,100-square-foot home?

The number of solar panels needed to power a home depends on the usage of power in the home. A typical 1,100-square-foot home will need at least eight solar Read More »

North Carolina's Government Incentives for Home Solar Panels?

Solar panels take the energy from the sun through the use of photovoltaic cells and turn it into electricity. They are currently made of cystalline silicon and gallium arsenide. New technology in... Read More »